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This may be surprising with all my other frequently posted content, but my second most

popular post ever, in all 12 months I've been blogging (on a quick tangent- I recently hit my one-year anniversary of blogging!), has been my Pretty Little Liars Theories post I did last November. I linked you readers to different blogs related to P.L.L., shared my own opinions, and gave those theories a chance to shine. That was in November, when we were waiting for the Christmas special. Since then, so much has happened in season 5B that I really hoped to write a more in-depth post on my theories, Tumblr theories, and other random theories I've found through Google-searches and YouTube recaps.
 I'm going to try to post my theories towards the end of every half season of the show(mid-season finale or season finale). That way, I will be able to share my view point on where the show is going before it breaks, and give exposure to other people, blogs, and theories that I find interesting.
I'm going to start with links (for season 5B, I have found two wonderful Tumblr blogs and one fantastic YouTube channel).
PLL CRAZY NESS This amazing blogger, Ness, relies solely on followers and readers to operate and expose her blog. I've always admired bloggers who do this! Maybe it's the benefit of having a Tumblr page, but nonetheless, Ness is great with fresh theories and new ideas, and is very nice when responding to other ideas. Check her out!
plldailly While this no-name blogger is very passionate about what (s)he does, this is more of an all-in-one P.L.L. page. It has all sorts of news, gifs, images, recaps, etc. It is more of a news blog than a blog-blog, but it is still wonderful. This will appeal to a particular audience. With these two blogs on different ends of interactivity levels, material will suit everyone.

YouTube channel: thebookball I have done a Channel Review (email me if you want your

channel featured on my blog!) on this wonderful channel. This girl is incredibly sweet, very interactive, very inquisitive, and has a great eye for detail. I will leave it to you to check out the Channel Review for more on who she is and what she does. ----------

On a different note, I want to touch on how many season 5B episodes of the show are "filler" episodes. They serve no real purpose, provide no real hints, and do not get us any closer to the #BigAReveal (click to go straight to Twitter!) coming up March 24th. While I will always be compassionate about following this amazing show, things are moving too slow for my taste. In conversations I've had with other viewers on thebookball's channel, I know many of you agree as well.
On to my own personal theories, which I know you've been waiting for!
We know A has gone plenty extravagant with his/her "revenges", if we can even call them that. Think of the fireworks, the holiday lights, etc. Those things were just from one episode alone! This means A is rich or comes from a wealthy family. This reminds me of three families- in no particular order, they are the Fitzs', the DiLaurentis', and the Hastings. This would mean that one of these people could be A: Mrs. Fitz, Ezra, Ali, Jason, Mr. DiLaurentis, Mr. Hastings, Mrs. Hastings, Melissa, or Spencer. Would the adults really be A, though? I like to think we could trust them, if not anybody else in Rosewood. Taking them out of the equation, this leaves just five wealthy people: Ezra, Ali, Jason, Melissa, and Spencer. Could this mean that one of them could be A? Is Ali lying about not killing Mona? Did Ezra never stop writing his book? Where is Jason? This theory is a bit fuzzy, but I think it could definitely play out next season.
Also, whatever happened to all these random, "missing" characters on the show who are now never mentioned? None of them had a big farewell, so are they completely off the show, or are they behind the scenes torturing the Liars with the screen-name of "A"? This batch of people includes: Sean (Hanna's ex-boyfriend), Kate (Hanna's stepsister), Isabel (Hanna's stepmother), Jason (Ali's brother), Paige (Emily's ex-girlfriend), Samara (Emily's past love interest), Talia (Emily's ex-girlfriend- wasn't she supposed to be living over at Emily's home for a while?), and Johnny (Spencer's past love interest)? What happened to them? Is one of them A? Plus, we never saw Maya's body on the show. In P.L.L., we can never trust someone is truly dead unless there's a body. Did we just forget about Maya? After she died, they only mentioned her in an episode or two. Did Emily just forget about her that quickly?
Here are two links to the best theories I've seen this season, and that I think may actually lead somewhere.

"Varjak Paw" Here is an excerpt of this theory (all credit goes to the author): "
Varjak & Holly in "Varjak Paw". Varjak & Holly in "Breakfast at Tiffany`s". Varjak & Holly references on PLL

Sure, Alison was the one supposedly using the fake name Holly Varjak. But what if -A got the passport made and planted it? Maybe Ali has nothing to do with it… If anything, Aria`s jacket suggests that she has something to do with Varjak OR that Varjak is someone  she knows well but doesn`t yet realize that he is the mysterious Varjak… Ezra…Jason..?" This was made after seeing Aria's  cat jacket in episode 23's promo.
Varjack=Sara Harvey? I cannot copy and paste this theory due to copyright policies, but the gist is that the number Emily found in last week's episode when sneaking into Varjack's territory spells "Sara Harvey"- the missing girl who disapeared the same time Ali was thought to have done the same. Also, the number is the same that Ali had used to contact A in past seasons.----

I am actually going to end this post here, because this is really the gist of my thoughts so far this season. If you are a fan of the show and/or books, leave a comment below discussing your ideas! You can also leave links to other blogs or theories that I just may feature in future P.L.L. Theories posts! If you want more P.L.L., follow my blog for a tag I am working on putting together with a friend. All this and more is coming very soon, so please either follow with the BlogSpot tool, Google Friend Connect (become a "member"!), or through the Feed Burner email subscription service. As a quick refresher- using your Google Plus account, add me to your circles (+Sanjana Ranade), and I will add you back as a reader! Last but not least, for more fun, check out my previous posts and let me know what you think by rating.

~ Sanjana Ranade

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