2 Weeks Left of Summer

You know how no one can seem to keep track of time in the summer? You never know what day it is. You never take the time to look at the clock on the wall. 

Now, I have just under 2 weeks of summer vacation. Summer went by so, so fast this year, that it was just incomprehensible! 

To recap some things I did this summer, although I've already discussed this over on my main blog:

+ volunteered at the library
+ started a new blog
+ went to Washington, DC
+ started watching Sherlock
+ gone swimming
+ had a picnic

I've also spent time with my friend Alisa and her sisters, as well as Skyped with my internet best friend multiple times. It was amazing to finally see my internet friend's face after over a year of talking. I am so thankful for her!

I also really enjoyed the time I spent with my family. We drove up to Washington on a steamy 95 degree day. We packed sandwiches with us and met a kind family on the way up there. I was able to freely spend time with my family, instead of rushing around and going places like I do in the school year.

And what came out of this summer? See, I think every summer has a story. I haven't even written this summer's story out, but it was a thriller. It had so many plot twists and amazing characters, and yes, some holes. But you can't have a rainbow without a little rain. ;)

How was your summer? Reflect with me, if you please, in the comments below. I genuinely want to know.

~ Sanjana


Update // New Blog

Hey, everyone!!

For those of you who have not checked your blog feed or have just discovered TRCL, I want you to know that I now have a main, self-designed blog. I designed it all myself, from the header to the button to the widgets to the coding. I could not be more proud of Peridot Cove, and I hope you will take the time to check it out.

As some of you know, it has MANY new features. I've had those features in mind for a while, but I purposely waited for summer before I made a new blog. This way, I had three months to take my time and build up my blog. Now, at just over a month of blogging, I am so proud of where my new blog is going!

Now, if you are wondering what the fate of this blog is, I've decided.

It will remain up for good. As in, I will never delete it. I'd like to look back and know exactly where my blogging journey first started. But will I post 100% perfect content, all the time? No. This blog is a new space for me, and I will be transforming it. For now, it is going to be mainly a REVIEW AND UPDATE BLOG.

This means it IS still a beauty blog, but I am combining it with updates on my personal life, such as this one. You like PLL theories? Stay tuned. You like product reviews? Stay tuned. You like tags and poems and short stories? That's all on my new blog. Go over there. Do it. But for now, this blog is a transformed space.

But I want to track my personal life somewhere, and this blog is where I'm going to do it. You like raw, unedited life updates? Make sure to follow TRCL. You like more professional, classic blog posts? Make sure to follow PC. ;)

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my ramble- and shoot me an email! I'd love to catch up, readers.

Till next time- thank you.

~ Sanjana



I have a

Peridot Cove

However, I will still be occasionally posting on this blog- so follow if you haven't already!

You may occasionally see something unusual or messy on this blog. Now that I have two, and one is custom designed, I will be using this blog as a test-blog. This means you may see all sorts of layouts/things I'm testing out.

You can remain a reader of this blog, too, but to know exactly what's up with me, follow Peridot Cove. My new blog's vibe is completely different and fresh. ;)

Some of Peridot Cove's features include button swaps (Yes! I have a button!), future contests, a contact form, video posts, and more personal content.

It is a personal blog rather than a beauty/lifestyle blog. Check out my About and FAQ pages for more information, and don't forget to shoot me an email or leave a comment!

Thank you all! Stay tuned for more updates!



Hello, Humans. I have hacked (well, no, not really) into this blog to announce something very serious. I, +Alisa Wu, the friend of Sanjana, have come to announce that the innocent vegetables of your garden are going to take over the world. Mostly because she was busy eating a popsicle. So yeah. Warning.

Oh...I have to give you advice on how to survive the vegetablepocolypse.

Step 1: Buy a sharp vegetable peeler;
It is the best defense against evil psychopathic vegetables.

Step 2: Barricade your door;
As vegetables are not very bright, they will most likely think your house is empty if they can't get in.

Step 3: Disguise yourself as a vegetable;
Like stated above, vegetables are not really that smart. So find that old Halloween costume from first grade and they will be fooled.

Step 4: Become a carnivore;
When being attacked by vegetation, its pretty obvious you'll anger them more if you continue eating them.

That's it, how to survive the vegetablepocolypse. I will probably be hanged as a traitor now...but it was worth it for you humans.

About Alisa:
Hi guys! My name is Alisa. So I made this thing as a joke.  I guess I have to talk about myself now. So my favorite color is green, my favorite food is hot and sour soup, my otp is Phan, and I am an activist for goldfish rights. Also, I play the piano and viola (not particularly well),  and I enjoy browsing the internet. I believe that's it for me. Thank you for reading this, and carry on with your life.

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Currently... 04/01/15

I had done a "Currently..." post last July, back when I was in New York for summer vacation. I had thoroughly enjoyed writing about what I'd been loving then, but I haven't done another post in the series yet! On this cloudy March day, I decided to sit down with a bowl of my mom's Rainbow Rotini pasta and my laptop to blog. For those of you who enjoy reading about me as a person, read on! This post is for you. Plus, Happy April Fool's Day! If you want to read about some hilarious pranks, check out the post I did last year by clicking here.
Currently, I've been loving...

MUSIC: I've been a huge music person lately! I love Tove Lo and Vance Joy music the most (specifically "Habits" and "Riptide"), but I also have been listening to some Taylor Swift here and there. 1989 is such a good album! My favorite songs from it include "Out of the Woods" and "Style".
T.V. SHOW/MOVIE: I've been watching Pretty Little Liars like crazy recently! Season five is now officially over, so I posted my theories a couple weeks ago- check them out here!
Besides for that, I have been watching a lot of The Middle and 19 Kids and Counting. I haven't seen any amazing movies for the past few months, but a classic favorite I re-watched the
other day was Mean Girls.

BLOG: I've found myself visiting YouTube beauty-guru Elle Fowler's blog a lot since she started posting again. i heart you coffee is quirky and cool and really reflects Elle's sweet personality.
OUTFIT: I love my comfy denim button-down paired with a dotted tank and black leggings! This outfit paired with my Pandora-style birthstone charm bracelet makes for a sophisticated look!
YOUTUBE GURU: I love Emma from thebeautyfashionbabe
so much! She is a down-to-earth teen who has a passion for beauty, style, and D.I.Y.s, much like myself! Emma has such unique videos, which results in her channel being unusually up-beat and positive! Emma is a charming girl with so much to say, and I just cannot stop watching!
BOOK: I am in the middle of reading an e-book called Popular by teen Maya Van Wagenen. She found a book from the '50s about being popular written by a former model, and decided to apply the tips in today's world. This book is a memoir of sorts, but it is so relatable and humorous! I feel like I know Maya; many of her difficulties are also mine. Plus, a girl in her teens, like me, being an author? That's my dream! Of course I am going to support Maya. If you are interested in reading this witty book, check out Barnes and Noble's site here to order it today!
FOOD: There is one word to answer this question- doughnuts. Iced and sprinkled, to be exact.
NAIL ART: I love springy floral nails! Do a quick web-search for a tutorial of your choice. The way I did mine was as follows: First, I put on a fuchsia color as my base coat, and once it dried, I put on neon pink flowers with lime green leaves. For the centers of the flowers, I used the same fuchsia color as before and topped it off with a Wet 'N Wild top coat for added shine.

FRAGRANCE: I absolutely love Bath and Body Work's "Endless Weekend" scent. It is the perfect blend of floral and sweet- perfect for springtime!
MOMENT I LOOK FORWARD TO: I cannot wait for my school's Awards Night! I'm going to be receiving a few special awards this year. :) What's more? Awards Night means summer is here!
--- Thank you all so much for investing your time in reading (and hopefully following!) my blog and getting to know me as a person! If you have any questions or concerns, I hope you will email me if you please. It would make my day if you followed my blog and/or subscribed to me on YouTube. Plus, if you want a shout-out on my blog, you can follow me on We Heart It or ask for one through a comment or email! Don't forget that you mean a lot to me.--- Sanjana
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