Hello, Humans. I have hacked (well, no, not really) into this blog to announce something very serious. I, +Alisa Wu, the friend of Sanjana, have come to announce that the innocent vegetables of your garden are going to take over the world. Mostly because she was busy eating a popsicle. So yeah. Warning.

Oh...I have to give you advice on how to survive the vegetablepocolypse.

Step 1: Buy a sharp vegetable peeler;
It is the best defense against evil psychopathic vegetables.

Step 2: Barricade your door;
As vegetables are not very bright, they will most likely think your house is empty if they can't get in.

Step 3: Disguise yourself as a vegetable;
Like stated above, vegetables are not really that smart. So find that old Halloween costume from first grade and they will be fooled.

Step 4: Become a carnivore;
When being attacked by vegetation, its pretty obvious you'll anger them more if you continue eating them.

That's it, how to survive the vegetablepocolypse. I will probably be hanged as a traitor now...but it was worth it for you humans.

About Alisa:
Hi guys! My name is Alisa. So I made this thing as a joke.  I guess I have to talk about myself now. So my favorite color is green, my favorite food is hot and sour soup, my otp is Phan, and I am an activist for goldfish rights. Also, I play the piano and viola (not particularly well),  and I enjoy browsing the internet. I believe that's it for me. Thank you for reading this, and carry on with your life.

Disclaimer:  I do not claim any images. Click on the image for its rightful owner or creator.

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