Relax! Prank! Enjoy! It's April 1st!

April has a lot of meaning for a lot of different people. Some love it because of the warm weather. Some love it because they can trick others on April 1st, and some love it because it is truly considered "Spring". To celebrate this day, I wanted to post something to update everyone and talk about a few small things. I know I could have included all this in my Weekly Post #4, which is coming tomorrow (I post every Wednesday, in case you didn't know), but I wanted to get this up for you tonight. First of all, it is April Fool's Day! I'm not going to prank my readers this year, but I want to give you a few ideas to prank your family and friends! These are all from the Mashable website.
1. Paint a bar of soap with nail polish to prevent it from lathering.
2. Make "brownies" for a friend (print or draw multiple brown-colored letter Es and place them in a platter- cover it with foil and give it to someone).
3. Tape an airhorn by the door handle.
For more, click here.
 Graduations are coming. School will be out in a couple months. This is a popular time for weddings and other parties. You will be busy, but you can make some YOU time and relax. Follow the steps wikiHow gives you.
It is getting warmer- start thinking about gardening! I will do a post on gardening later this month, but you can get a head start in a few weeks or so. Plan the layout of your garden. Go to wikiHow's page on gardening for instructions and tips.
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They have amazing animations you can use for your professional or personal use!

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