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Hey, everyone!!

For those of you who have not checked your blog feed or have just discovered TRCL, I want you to know that I now have a main, self-designed blog. I designed it all myself, from the header to the button to the widgets to the coding. I could not be more proud of Peridot Cove, and I hope you will take the time to check it out.

As some of you know, it has MANY new features. I've had those features in mind for a while, but I purposely waited for summer before I made a new blog. This way, I had three months to take my time and build up my blog. Now, at just over a month of blogging, I am so proud of where my new blog is going!

Now, if you are wondering what the fate of this blog is, I've decided.

It will remain up for good. As in, I will never delete it. I'd like to look back and know exactly where my blogging journey first started. But will I post 100% perfect content, all the time? No. This blog is a new space for me, and I will be transforming it. For now, it is going to be mainly a REVIEW AND UPDATE BLOG.

This means it IS still a beauty blog, but I am combining it with updates on my personal life, such as this one. You like PLL theories? Stay tuned. You like product reviews? Stay tuned. You like tags and poems and short stories? That's all on my new blog. Go over there. Do it. But for now, this blog is a transformed space.

But I want to track my personal life somewhere, and this blog is where I'm going to do it. You like raw, unedited life updates? Make sure to follow TRCL. You like more professional, classic blog posts? Make sure to follow PC. ;)

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my ramble- and shoot me an email! I'd love to catch up, readers.

Till next time- thank you.

~ Sanjana

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